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Born in El Salvador. Rodrigo Calderón Tobar graduated with a Bachelor degree of Dramatic Arts from Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2007 - 2010); and have since immersed himself into directing, teaching, performing and experimenting diverse movement-based forms that potentialize the possibilities of the body as a communicative and political tool.

For the past 17 years he has worked in a range of different theatre productions, arts festivals, films, and as a facilitator in educational-projects in Argentina, Australia, El Salvador, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Panama and United States. At the beginning of his career, he intensively experimented with César Pineda, Salvadoran actor/director, the ritualistic nature of theatre: an experience that deeply inspired him to continue investigating the expressive possibilities of the actor's body, to create a ceremonial gathering. Rodrigo's theatrical practice focuses in the building of a community. This philosophy led him to explore a diverse range of movement-based forms: Asian Shamanic Trance Dance, Butoh, Baris dance, Chekhov's Technique, Gaga-Dance, Javanese traditional dance, Meyerhold's Biomechanics, Neutral Mask, Panic Theatre, Raung Jagat, Suzuki Method for Actor's training, among others. After four years working in El Salvador, he emigrated to Melbourne, Australia where he currently resides.


Rodrigo has been a collaborator of The Thursday Group ensemble, an ongoing theatre laboratory of Tadashi Suzuki’s theatre technique; Tony Yap Company, an experimental dance theatre company transforming ancient Asian Shamanic Trance Dance practice into a post-modern medium; and as a co-director/performer with 5ANGRYMen, a plein-air theatre company renowned for innovative and extraordinary stage design and physically arduous performances.

Most recently, Rodrigo is presenting his first written solo-work HE, for his third season in Melbourne. 

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