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Rodrigo worked with ESARTES/Suchitoto-Stratford, an artistic NGO who seeks bringing a social and economic change through the power of theatre, a program that offers opportunities to young people through performance and theatre education. He facilitated Acting and Movement in the National Centre of Arts and continues collaborating with ESCÉNICA (Cultural Association for the Scenic Arts) an artistic NGO that works with the rural areas of El Salvador and uses theatre as an educational process for social transformation.

He is interested in how theatre can work with the community and the voice of each individual with in it. For the past 5 years he has collaborated with Nana Margarita, a community leader from Izalco, El Salvador, working for the preservation of ancient traditional practices and cultural memory; unfunded, she is working with the community projects while navigating and resisting political, and religious discrimination. Rodrigo is also the creator of Black Sand Studio, an artist-led studio in Brunswick, Melbourne; one of the few remaining independent studio venues in the city

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