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2019 / ENCOUNTERS  / San Salvador, El Salvador /  Developed and performed by Rodrigo Calderón & ensemble - Part of Festival Punto Cero

An exploratory interpretation of the poetics of the body. We spent two months exploring the qualities of movement. We didn't know we were going to become and ensemble. We started gathering for the pleasure of training our most precious instrument as performers, the body. What is the body? Body poetics? Poetics of the body? Every gathering came with questions, questions that could only be addressed with our presence on our rehearsal space, a space that transformed each session. It was unique. It was ours. And then the call that gave us the opportunity to 'show' what we learnt, those opportunities that unexpectedly come. To perform 'outside' where the audience doesn't know its an audience and the performers become part of the commonality, the point zero. The merging point.

Performers Di Ángel, Mario Bracamonte, Rodrigo Calderón, Karina Hernández, Omar Marroquin, Patricia Orellana and Dennis Peña

Photography by LK Flores

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