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2017 / EULOGY FOR THE LIVING / Melaka, Malaysia Conceived and directed by Tony Yap - Part of Melaka Arts & Performance Festival IX

The Festival is a rich ground where artists from different disciplines, backgrounds and levels of accomplishments can find a platform for creation, collaboration, exchange and creative experimentation. Differences and always returning to the origin, the source where all creative power starts. We remind ourselves of why we exist and the inexhaustible way enthusiasm for life is propelled through art.

MAP has won many awards within the areas of arts and global community. Bold ideas are freely accessible for everyone and in inexpensive ways. MAP is a strong and rich cultural emersion for the visiting artists and spectators. This Festival is inclusive, belonging to the artists and the public. In a highly marketed world, we are reminders of why one exists and what is truly valuable to humans.

Themes of spiritual transformation create a frame for works of art. We inspire one another, support each other and encourage uniqueness.

A Festival for independent artists who come on their own source of support to perform, collaborate and exchange and share ideas. We thank all artists deeply.

Thank you also Andrew Ching, Suen Kar Nee, Takashi Takiguchi and the E-Plus crew without whom this festival would not be what it is!


Tony Yap
Artistic Director & Founder

Photograpy by Steve Chong, Jimm Lee and Alana Hoggart


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